tascam 16x08

Hello, I’ve recently purchased a tascam us16x08. it runs well using the snd-usb-audio module in fedora but i have some questions about changing driver parameters.

the 16x08 does not have a knob that allows the user to blend the inputs and the playback from the computer to it’s headphone and line1-2 outputs. if the unit is powered up and the usb is not connected it defaults to being a straight up mixer with each output corresponding to its input. In fedora when the unit is plugged in the headphone output and line out 1-2 sum all the mic pre’s and the playback from the computer. if i power off the unit, reboot into Solus linux (my day to day distro), power up the tascam and plug in the usb, the headphone outputs and line 1-2 only play back audio from the computer.

how do i find which driver parameter controls this? and is it possible to change this after booting up?

ardour and jack do not work well in solus so i use fedora as my production distro. it would be nice if i could enale/disable this feature as required.

any help would be appreciated, thx.

does alsamixer show any controls? One of your systems probably has pulse installed and pulse tries to be idiot proof, but is itself an idiot… or maybe it just lacks mind reading. Pulse will in most cases set up an added audio interface in a manner it feels is best for desktop audio. Once jack or Ardour has control of the audio interface, you should be able to use alsamixer to change monitoring. Once jack or Ardour release the device, pulse will again change settings :slight_smile:

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they both use pulse audio. i believe i tried alsamixer and didn’t see any controls but ill double check. fedora uses a new kernel so it’s possible the snd module has a newer driver for the tascam.

OK, using fedora i booted up alsamixer and chose the proper sound card. there were many many options available including compression, eq’s and phase for each input. might be neat to see how they sound. among the options was a source for each physical output. line 1 and 2 were set to master left and right which seems to be a sum of out 1 and 2 and all the physical inputs. setting them to line 1 and 2 fixed it for me.

thanks for the tip!!

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I don’t own a Tascam 16x08 (although it was on the shortlist before I stayed with Focusrite Scarlett). I remembered that some time ago somebody was working on controlling the internal mixer from Linux and that there was ALSA code in the driver (as proven by showing up in alsamixer).

A brief search revealed two projects providing both a GUI (https://github.com/onkelDead/tascam-gtk) program as well as a LV2 plugin (https://github.com/onkelDead/tascam.lv2) to control the Tascam 16x08 mixer.

It seems that a very current kernel (4.12) is required.

I hope this helps…