Tape Start/Stop Plug-In

Hi, I was looking for a plug-in or function similar to this:
Unfortunately that plug-in is WIN only :frowning: and will just build a .DLL
As I can’t find another one for Linux… is there a chance to generate the Tape Start and Tape Stop functions with Ardour on-board tools (I do not need the “switches sound” or “rotor sound”, just start and/or stop)?
Regards and merry Christmas

There is Infamous Plugin Suite with its Power Up and Power Cut plugins, I think that’s just what you’re looking for.

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Hi Edgar,
thanks for the quick answer… just… I guess this is beyond my capabilities (SOURCECODE :crazy_face: )
Thank you anyhow… maybe I some time will learn to do that …

I’m sure you can find binary packages for all the bigger linux distros.

For Ubuntu/Debian etc. it’s in the kxstudio repos

I maintain a Fedora/openSUSE RPM package

Don’t know about Arch etc. but you’ll likely be able to find it there, too.

It’s even in the Snap Store

That is strange… I had the kxstudio repos already installed, but can’t see “Infamous”
Even reinstalled but without luck.

In KXStudio the package is called infamous-plugins.

@edogawa : I installed to snap → Not working, Ardour did not find it
@LAM1 : Great! That was the missing link… found it in Synaptic and all of a sudden I have hundreds of additional plug-ins! That’s insane!
Thanks @edogawa …These poer-up amd power cut things are not as nice as the wavesfactory plug-in, but is does what it is expected to do!
Great help, you two!

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