tape mode?

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but in the manual, There is nothing listed for what tape mode is. So, the question is…

What exactly is tape mode?

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I think this is for creating a destructively edited track. Its essentially a single file for the duration of the whole session and any recording overwrites the audio. I may be way off here.

drmoore’s summary is correct.

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Although, I don’t really understand what it’s use is. When would I want to use it?

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pyrael: a lot of people find no use for it, but I think it’s exceptionally useful in some cases.
For example, if you are arranging a piece of music using many MIDI hardware boxes and then adding overdubs etc, tape mode is exactly what you need. It means you can just enable record on all your “synth tracks”, and hit play in, say, rosegarden after an edit to the MIDI file, and your whole synth arrangement is re-recorded into ardour, without having to then go through the bother of deleting all the old files etc.

It is also a very useful feature when “bouncing” i.e feeding 10 or 12 tracks down to 2. When you want to actually change something in the mix, you will edit the original 1 of 12 tracks, but then to save CPU/hard drive you need to bounce. You can plumb it into a tape track so that when you re-bounce, your original bounce is overwritten.

I don’t think there is anything else I use it for…

Back in the day when I used VST 3.7, I recall having tape tracks which acted as virtual tracks for external devices like the fostex D80. (8 channel hdd recorder.) The tape track would correspond with a physical track on the recorder when synchronized with the transport MMC of Cubase. If I armed a track or pressed record on Cubase, the external machine would record at those points on the corresponding tracks. That is quite useful, because I could record 8 tracks into the computer (EWS88MT) and 8 tracks to the D80 giving me 16 channels live recording at once. That made punching in and out quite easy because i could see virtually where i was in the time line.

Anyway. My two cents.

wow, been away for a long time here LOL

Thanks for the info! I still have yet to need this function, however it is nice to know what it is for. And it does sound like a handy feature even if only needed every so often.

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Hi! Please, this is URGENT! It is for my tesis at university that I ve to adress this thursday. I still dont understand the tape mode. Cant I do exactly the same with a normal mode track? Send any signal to the track input and record? drmoore said: “and any recording overwrites the audio” My question is: what audio? If its a recording session and Im just going to start recording? Please, I need help with this issue. I hope a quick answer by someone who can explain me. Sorry for my english.

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