tap-plugins presets?

Hi there folks,

I’m having problems selecting the tap-plugins presets from ardour. For instance:

  • with TAP-Reverb I can select reverb type "Cathedral-HD" but i can't select "Smooth Hall (Large)"
  • with TAP-Dynamics(St)I can select function "2:1 comp at -12dB" but I can't select "Soft gate below -36dB" I'm using TAP-plugins release 0.7 on ardour 0.99.3 CVS snapshot from may 20th, running all soothly on a gentoo box, kolivas kernel. I've had the same problem with every ardour release. Any ideas?
By the way, is there some way to add new presets to TAP-plugins?



P.D.: by the way, ardour rocks! I’m using it for classic music live concert recordings with a hammerfall and some nice preamps :^)

To clarify a distinction, I think the “presets” (modes or functions, really) inherent in some of the TAP plugins must be compiled in, as opposed to the snapshot of the control settings which Ardour saves and loads as a preset.

Somebody correct me if I’m wrong. :slight_smile:

addendum: It turns out that new presets for TAP plugins do have to be compiled in, but the author provides good instructions for doing so; for TAP dynamics:


and a whole separate editing program for the reverb:


I haven’t tried it yet, but it doesn’t sound too difficult if you’re comfortable with editing a text (header) file.

If anybody comes up with anything great, be sure and share. :wink:

I vaguely remember this bug and I thought I had fixed it. What version of liblrdf do you have?

You can add new presets by clicking the Save button in the plugin editor window. This will popup a box where you can name the preset.