Tap DeEsser

I feel like a complete idiot, but I’m trying to figure out how to use the Tap De Esser on a vocal track. I thought it would be as easy as dropping the plugin on the track, but that’s not getting me very far. Is there some weird configuration I have to have to get this plugin to register. Thanks in advance.

It works here in Ardour 2. Make sure the threshold is set low enough for the high frequencies to trigger gain reduction (and the sidechain high pass filter is set to a sensible frequency).

There’s a de-esser here - its free (no cost) - auto sensing based on program content, with adjustable frequency and depth -LV2 and VST.


@ Jrigg,
I’m using Ardour 2 as well. I’ve set the threshold down to nothing, not even getting one blip on the reduction meter. I thought maybe the ‘sidechain’ was playing a part… meaning, had to have something feeding into that (like a compressor or something). Or maybe a 3 channel bus/track or something.

@ linuxdsp… I’ll check that out.

Thanks guys.

Strange, the TAP de-esser is working fine here. There isn’t a separate sidechain input, so it should just work. I’m using the default filter settings, ie. 5500Hz highpass. Are you sure the level of HF is high enough to trigger it? The one from linuxdsp adjusts automatically for different levels IIRC, so you might find it more suitable.

I think the TAP plugins in general are whacked on my machine… I normally stick with CALF plugins, but I just wanted simple de-esser on my mono vocal tracks. That linuxdsp plugin worked like a champ though. AND… apparently, they’re running a deal right now … pay what you want to pay for the month of June. Couldn’t resist, so I bought the whole suite!!

@ linuxdsp
is there still some link available to dsr500 VST version?