Tanuki (EP) - grunge/noise/rock

Hi everyone,

a month back my band released its debut-EP “tanuki”. I thought I’d take the time and say thank you to the developers and community of this most amazing piece of open source software. I really wouldn’t have liked to pick up any of the subscription models of any of the so-called professional solutions I’ve worked with before. It is a pleasure working with ardour, being in control of both the software and the amount I’m willing to pay for it. All while of course staying on the OS of my choice - Linux. Makes me proud to be a supporter!

Anyway if anyone likes some rock on the noisier side, the whole thing is on bandcamp:
embarrassing games of catch - tanuki

Thank you so much again and keep up the good work!
marx / embarrassing games of catch

Hi @Marx,

Listened to first song and sounded good to me. Yeah I do hear a little noise, but like the feel and the guy/girl vocal especially later in the song.

I too, prefer Linux and the Ardour support model. Keep on rockin’!

Thank you very much, we’re sure to keep it up!

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Hey ahms, kind of sad to see you withdrew your posts. I only read what you said in the first one in a notification email from the board and I would like to say something about it. But for reasons unknown you don’t want what you wrote to be public anymore, so I won’t give away the content by replying.

As far as I can tell this board doesn’t have PMs so if you’re interested in what I have to say please send an email to embarrassing@mehrgain.de or just tell me if it’s ok to post here. I would love to clear things up. Cheers.