Tal Plugins crash ardour

KX Studio has been going through some changes and moving to debian Repo’s

there were a whole load of updates and now tal plugins crash when loading the GUI.

Thinking it was a KX studio problem i posted asking about it.

"Re: KXStudio recent updates - any problems?

Postby falkTX » Mon Sep 09, 2013 2:52 pm
Your error is right here:

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suil error: Unable to open wrap module /opt/kxstudio/lib/suil-0:/opt/Ardour-3.4-dbg/lib/libsuil_x11_in_gtk2.so

report to the ardour devs that KXStudio sets up SUIL_MODULE_DIR variable, and ardour3 erroneously adds to it instead of replace it.
I think if you run:

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it will load the GUIs properly again.

I’m not very good with command line so ive not been able to get it working again.

There have been a bunch of updates in KX studio, but still ardour 3.4 prebuild binarys from here will crash when using the tal plugins.


doesnt help

If i use the included kx studio 2.8 tal plugins work fine. Recently i noticed that KX studio also has ardour 3.4 in the repos. 3.4 from the repos.

sorry kx studios ardour 3.4 loads the tall plugins fine.