Tal Filter 2 as a Volumeshaper in Linux


An .lv2 & linuxvst plugin Tal Filter 2 can be used in Linux as an analog of VolumeShaper from Cableguys (http://www.cableguys.com/volumeshaper.html). This can control volume directly in any single track or through the side chain (using an oscillator as a source sound (LSP Oscillator Mono)).

The TAL-Filter-2 plugin at the site:
Linux versions from FalkTX:
Some more usage video:

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An ardour’s channel template:

(to install:)

That’s neat. I hadn’t realized TAL Filter 2 can modulate volume as well. Looks like it could be pretty easily used as a replacement for the Nicky Romero Kickstart plugin (which I believe is based on the same Cableguys technology as Volumeshaper)?

Thanks for the tip!

I don’t understand the technology things… But TAL looks good for me from the practical side. Yeah, I think it’s a good replacement :). I wonder I didn’t know such possibilities of TAL few years ago//

I use it for auto panning of hihats. To give it a bit of width.
Quick about 50% panning in sync, usually 16th notes. But in Ardour that would be called 1/4 beat.
Hard pan. So make a kinda square wave in tal filter 2.