take folders

at first - thanks to Paul Davis and the other developers in the world for Ardour. Its so good to see how a Software grows up :))

my little wish:
I do recordings in Logic Pro and I hope you guys (and girls?) know what I’m talking about when I say “take folders”…
Its so unbelievably practically when the Singer stays sweating in the studio and is singing the vers again&again hehehe
I made some really good stuff with that feature and my customers asking me “WOW…Did I really sing that?”

I have no idea what it means, to code something like that - but maybe there is a way to do that.


@Nicolleto: click on the “p” (Playlist) button in a track header (editor window). Play around. Its not quite the same model as Logic’s “take folders”, but I suspect you will be reasonably happy. Elsewhere in the forum, Ben Loftis describes a technique for auditioning takes stacked on top of each other in a track, which is a somewhat different approach.

thanks paul for the fast reply.

I will try that… I confess its my third day (&night) with Ardour.