Take compiling - is there a better way?

I’ve been using ardour for many years and something that’s always seemed clunky to me is take comping. I’m guessing I’m just not using the features that are available properly.

  • I record multiple takes in layers
  • I chop the regions into logical sections
  • I loop these regions to evaluate and
    • bring good takes to the top (and mute so I can hear the lower layers)
    • delete entirely bad takes (or chop smaller and delete bad bits)
    • move bad takes with redeemable features to the bottom (and mute so I know I’ve evaluated it

Then I’m left with only a few takes that I remember which bits are good and can compile a good take out of what’s left. This requires me remembering things so I really need uninterrupted time to work on it. On multi mic recordings spread over a few tracks (e.g. drums) I sometimes accidentally select a region only in one track and I totally mess up layering or multi-selection if I move one region from a group to the top or if I cut it to a different length compared to the other previously matching regions in a group.

I’ve seen people comping in logic and the process seems much less frustrating. I imagine I’m just doing it wrong!

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Hi, i think this is being considered (among other things), and mentioned on ‘ardour roadmap’ page:

managing multiple takes is tedious in ardour compared to other DAWs… it’s even easier just to use multiple tracks instead of playlist or layering approach… on the other hand audition tool comes very handy! :smiley:
personal note: when comparing comping in: Ableton Live, Bitwig and Reason, Reason has the best one… the simplest and most straightforward + it has stretching and melodyne integrated… it’s a breeze

Great, I forgot there was a roadmap. Is there anywhere I can see any of the discussions behind these points? I’d be interested to know what direction things are going in a bit more detail.

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the real-deal is to look at the github repo commits and related branches: https://github.com/Ardour/ardour/branches
some additions:

  • region-fx
  • livetrax
  • cliprec
  • pianorule

as i’m aware (please correct if wrong) things are being developed for Mixbus32c next release which is getting closer.
So i think that’s priority now… other than guess and github repo, i have no other real/direct informations:)

Maybe the “playlist” feature is what you are looking for:

Also watch the video from this message. It’s for Mixbus, but I guess Ardour has the same feature… (never used it myself so far, though)


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