Tab to Transient.

Hello all, I am trying to switch to ardor from pro tools but I keep running into issues. The latest one is Tab to transient. It supposedly works by your documentation but it does not seam to work, at least as I would expect. What I need to do is cut up multiple tracks into peaces and put them back together. I in protools it is simple. You select the tracks near the edit point. Press tab and it goes to the next peek. Then you press shift tab as manly times as you need to in order to make a loop or slection. Then you ctrl c to then copy crtl v to paste. Is this type of simple editing available in ardor? The manual says ctl + right but that does not work and even if it does how do you “press shift” like in protools to highlight and make a section of multiple tracks and peek points? I have looked online and have not found anything. If you know of a tutorial or somewhere online.

I am running ardor 3.

Thanks in advance.

There are many ways to make a selection and copy/paste it in A3. Most people use the Range tool to visually select the audio range. But here’s a method that is quite similar to what you described:

Select the track(s) you want to edit. Use the tab-to-transient function to advance to the first peak. Use the “Edit->Start Range” function to start the range selection. Now Tab-to-transient until you reach the final peak in the series you want to select. Then click “Edit->End Range”. Or at least that’s how it should work. Keep in mind that Ardour is still in a Beta release phase.

Depending on your OS, your keyboard layout, your keybindings selection, and your user settings, you might find that the keybindings for these functions don’t work. This needs some refinement. In the upcoming Mixbus v2.3, we are defining some conventions that will make this easier, and they will very likely be implemented in Ardour in the future.

I hope this helps!