System does not allow realtime for current user

I will try this post again. The previous post did not come out right. When installing 7.4 on my Opensuse Leap 15.4 I get the message ‘Warning’ The current user can not execute realtime processes. This will adversely affect audio latency. My previous post shows the /etc/security/limits.conf file. Can someone tell me how to correct this problem? Thanks

Put this in /etc/security/limits.d/realtime.conf and log out/in or restart the computer.

your_username - rtprio 95
your_username - memlock unlimited

For more info, see How do I configure my linux system to allow JACK to use realtime scheduling? | JACK Audio Connection Kit

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Does it matter that I am not using Jack for this issue? I don’t desire to use Jack unless it matters with this problem.

No, it does not matter. Ardour required JACK many years ago, so many of the tutorials for setting up real time permissions still reference JACK even though the instructions apply to any use case which needs real time scheduling.

I solved the problem by deleteing @user lines, adding john hard memlock unlimited, and adding john - rtprio 95

Thank you Peder Hedlund for your help. You got me to the solution. Much appreciated!!!

Thanks for your help Chris!

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