Synthogy Ivory VST ?

Was curious if anyone has had any experience getting the Synthogy Ivory II piano VST’s working? I was thinking about buying it but they only have Windows/Mac versions of the software. I was thinking though that’s probably just for their stand alone software and I could import the VST into Ardour none the less.


You can run Windows stuff via wine, and even compile Ardour to support Windows VSTs. However, using wine does not always work, so I would be very cautious about buy expensive Windows software without knowledge of if it will work in linux. Also, licencing may not work, for example, if the software uses an iLok (which Synthogy Ivory II does) then I think the chances are zero of working in Linux (but I could be wrong).
The best native piano sounds in Linux are either Pianoteq or some of the gigasampler files from Sampletekk. Best free piano is the Salamander Grand.

However, using wine does not always work...
And if you are lucky and it does (appear to) work, even changing / upgrading WINE can arbitarily break compatibility. WINE is an impressive achievement, however Windows application compatibility on linux is still very volatile. The best operating system on which to run Windows applications is (still) Windows.

Thanks for the input. I didn’t realize VST’s were platform specific. Bummer, I hear Ivory is the best of the best…

It does use an ILOK too, I was concerned about that. I’ve been using wine for a long time. I assumed keep it far away from my recording stuff though since I’d bet it would add a pretty decent layer of latency even if it did work…

wine doesn’t add any latency. you can’t use any iLok-secured software on wine.

Ah ok. I"ve been reading up on pianoteq and it seems to have a reasonably loyal following as well. I’ll give it a whirl.

if you can use linuxsampler, you can download an open sample-library with a yamaha grand. Linuxsampler supports gig files from gigasampler, which was given up by tascam fools, directly after announcing the 4.1 version. A special Version of stealing other peoples money. But in fact, you can find a lot of samplelibraries for gigastudio/sampler of good quality. So try to install linuxsampler, with good samples , its professional

with chickensys translator its possible to convert most formats into gigs. Chickensys Converter works under Windows. I prefer on this system (windows) imperfect samples pianos. They come for native instruments, it should be possible to convert this into gig. For my opinion, they are the most natural sounding. BUT Ivory is quite good, but natural is definetely NOT perfect, finally it will depend of what you want to produce.
They tell her, its possibel to use Linuxsampler within Ardour, the whole day I try to find out, how I can do this. Is there anybody, who can tell me step by step how to manage? Then I can find out, about converting and I’ll report here.

Here is a youtube on using linuxsampler within Ardour: If you are going to convert samples you might also consider converting to SFZ rather than gigasampler. SFZ is also supported by linuxsampler and being text based, is easier to modify than gigasampler. Also, Pianoteq has a demo verison so you can try before you buy.

Thanks for the Link, in fact I have the problem even to install linuxsampler on my system, because of not existing experiences with ubuntu studio. So I have to find out and to learn, but I would be very happy about help…its possible to convert into sfz I found out.