Synth Presets not there!

Hi, I have about 10 lv2 synths, but most of them have no presets! in the lv2 folder is often a .ttl presets file, but there is no option to load it the synth usually. how to link the .ttl presets? Odin 2 for example, it has .ttl but how to use it?

For some synths i think there is a folder in documents that has the .ttl presets, but if its not there then you dont know what to name a folder to put the .ttl in!

I tried Odin2 Synth, Surge XT synth, Yoshimi Synth, and Harrison XT-3D Triple Delay, and none of them showed any presets in the pull down selection box for presets.
ACE Delay did show one preset, named “Zero.”

Since you asked specifically about Odin2, I looked in the Odin2.lv2 directory and there is a presets.ttl file, with a single preset, but running lv2info the displayed information does not list any presets.

Thanks for the reply! Actually Odin is the one that is fine now! I noticed the bottom panel has the presets working, I was obsessed with the top presets drop-down working so did not see it at first.

Helm, Tal Noize Mak3r and Sorcer do have the presets in the generic toolbar dropdown without doing anything.

But the are a lot that I can dig around in .lv2 folders and find .ttl files in there, but no presets in the generic dropdown and I can’t get to any presets.

Is there a place to move .ttl files to? and how to get the plugins to see them?


The ttl files should be in the same directory as the other files in the plugin.
I think you need someone who develops LV2 plugins to fill in some information about how presets are loaded. There is obviously some mismatch in the user interface and the plugin expectations if so many different plugins do not make use of the drop down menu for preset loading.