Synth Playback While MIDI Editing?

My question specifically pertains to drawing/moving notes in the piano roll. In most other DAWs when you move notes from one note to another, you hear the note being played back as you move it around. This is very useful to me when editing. Is this feature present or can it be turned on in Ardour? I would love to have this. Thanks.

There is Preferences > MIDI > Audition > Sound MIDI notes as they are selected in the editor.

Since it works on selection, not on operation (ie. when dragging), this is a bit different from what you describe though. Please let us know if it solves your case regardless.

Thank you! That’s at least half way what I am looking for. I will make it work, as long as I can check a reference here and there. This solves my case.

there are two bugs in this area: - (be careful to select few notes at once) - (sounding of notes doesn’t change right away)

Thanks. It actually does play back when you move the notes around once the setting is turned on, so that’s perfect!