Syncing problem

Hello I’m on windows using Renoise and Ardour. I have this program called loopMidi on my windows 7 and this is supposed to function as a virtual midi loopback device and it works for communicating midi between internal application like jack midi on linux. I CAN get Renoise to follow Ardours song position when ardour acting as a master.
But I CAN NOT get Ardour to follow Renoise song position.

Here is the problem described more. When I play the first pattern in Renoise Ardour wont star playback from the start but starts from the position that was previously stopped? I can’t work like this cus Im mostly in Renoise. I have to switch to Ardour every time I need to play back my song… cus there is no problem when Ardour is the master…
and no pushing the external position synchronization button in the transport panel don’t fix this.

I would be nice if Ardour had Rewire support on the windows side cus all windows DAWs use it like one would use jack on linux. there my be a Windows vst to get rewire in Ardour but most windows vst’s make Ardour crash on winows, not all of them but mostly the free ones which is a bit sad. Ardour seems to need more Windows love :slight_smile: and be able to load plug-in as separate processes, both 32bit and 64bit like in Renoise would be soooooo asum

I got a bit of topic there but I still need help to get Ardour sync song position not just sync to play the same time XD

Unlike Rewire, JACK doesn’t require explicit support by the applications that use it. JACK can fake an ASIO device that all apps can route audio/MIDI to/from. I can see no circumstances under which we would or could add Rewire support, since Propellerheads consider their work to be unusable by open source applications (i.e. the licensing of Rewire is incompatible with open source).

Also, hand-waving generalizations like “most windows VST’s make Ardour crash on windows” are not likely to encourage us to pay much attention. Sure, we believe that individual users may experience this sort of thing, but given that there are on the order of 2-6,000 VST plugins for Windows, making claims about “most” of them is really a bit silly.

In addition, running plugins in a separate process might be nice for a couple of plugins can be a cool thing, but it does not scale to session size that we want to support. A 24 track session with (e.g.) a compressor and EQ in every track will not run at anything remotely close to low latency if the plugins are in a separate process. Modern computers cannot switch between processes fast enough for that to be possible (even on Linux, which is a LOT faster than Windows at doing this).

Thank you for the reply!

“JACK can fake an ASIO device that all apps can route audio/MIDI to/from.”

JACK don’t find my windows applications to connect to, except Ardour and Hydrogen for windows.
This is because the lack of support for JACK on windows. Can someone point me to any direction on the net? To accomplish this with a fake ASIO device thru jack so that i can rout midi and audio between applications.

If you just want to host plugins in a separate process you could try the carla plugin host. It has jack capability. I’ve never used it on windows, but they have a binary you can download at
I’d like to hear if it works for you.

My jack server has a lot latency and it only shows 2 mono inputs and 2 mono out but my card is 18 in and 20 out. can’t get jack right. but with asio this works nice and with no latency. I could load some good old linux effects that was there and play them thru my bass guitar. cool but I was not able to connect it to Ardour. I think it was because ASIO mode and not JACK in Carla.

Sounds as if you’re using it with the wrong audio device.

It is generally much easier and more efficient to get configuration help via IRC (links at the botttom of the page), rather than on a web forum.

I use this Rewire VST to sync Ardour and Renoise on windows

I can even export Renoise thru Ardour,
so I don’t have to export audio separate in Renoise then import it to Ardour to do mixing or editing.
The Rewire VST can communicate midi and audio between applications and it works perfect.

You can just use JACK to do that too, but … as you prefer.

yes I know but jack support is lacking on windows, Renoise don’t have jack support on windows only on linux. what I want is Ardour and Renoise with the windows VSTs, now I got that with rewire.

You don’t need JACK support in Windows or MacOS apps. JACK provides a “fake” device that can be used with whatever support they have (e.g. for ASIO or CoreAudio on MacOS). All MacOS apps can use JACK because of this, and I believe that this is true of almost all Windows apps (not 100% sure on this point).