Syncing Ardour with Hydrogen

Hello everybody!

After years of using proprietary software for music-production (and only music-production), i finally want to move to opensource.
Since i saw the big improvements in the last years, i know this won’t be that hard anymore :slight_smile:

I want to use ardour for recording and mixing, but for live-routing as well. I’m working as live-soundengineer and like to use FX-plugins.

Now i’m trying to sync a Hydrogen-Project with Ardour. I don’t want to record Hydrogen to Ardour. I just want to route the Hydrogen channels to Ardour, use some plugins on them and finally make an export.

With gladish/jack2 i’ve connected all outputs from Hydrogen to seperate inputs from Ardour.

I set Ardour to “JACK” and Hydrogen to “J. TRANS”. This works perfect for recording. But when i just hit “Play” in either program, there is only silence but i see the transport is working in booth programs. Only if i stop playback, i hear the end of the samples from Hydrogen. If i activate recording on a track in ardour and playback, it indicates the input of signal, but doesn’t send it to the master.

Is there a way to achieve what i’m trying to do? It would be nice to do this without the detour of recording it first to Ardour.

Thank’s a lot in advance for your answer!

Sorry for bothering again…

I just realized, that i’m not able to export the project this way. During export, transport changes from “JACK” to “internal” and it writes an empty *.wav-file.

Is this expected behaviour?


Bounce it in realtime to a seperate track. So output your Master Outs to a seperate track that you record to and just start transport. Make certain that track is muted or not connected to the Master Outs so you don’t cause a feedback loop.



Too obvious :slight_smile: Thanks a lot!

Thank you very much, Paul!

So i’m looking forward to a stable release of ardour3 :slight_smile:


Try using busses in Ardour for your hydrogen tracks instead of tracks.


Thank’s for the reply!

I was trying this already and it worked. But i was hoping to find a solution where i could record it to ardour if necessary, without changing the whole routing.

But it seems i have to go with busses.

@dynaMIX: in ardour2, it is hard-wired that a track that is not recording will monitor from disk (its a bit more complex than that, but that is a reasonable summary for your purposes). you therefore cannot hear the inputs of a track while it is playing unless you are recording on that track.

in ardour3 monitoring can be manually switched (forced) to be either the input signal or the disk.