Syncing Ardour and Hydrogen

Can current versions of Ardour and Hydrogen be synced together, as they used to be able to in the past? I have seen a couple of tutorials from several years ago, showing that it was as easy as clicking a button in Ardour that changed the time master from internal to JACK, and they would be synced. But it is not clear how to do this in Ardour 5.

I am using Ardour 5.8.0 and Hydrogen, on Ubuntu 16.04.


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First you have to run jack as the audio system. Go to Edit -> Preferences -> Sync. In the “External timecode source:” drop-down menu select JACK. After doing that, in the top left corner there is button that says “Int.” (just below the metronome button) click on it, the button should turn green and have “JACK” written in it. That should do the trick. I hope it helps.

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Thanks, vasakq! Yes, the issue was that I didn’t see the new location of the button on the top left. It’s all working now.

Thanks for your reply. I was going crazy with this!