Syncing an external metronome over MIDI

Hello! I’m a bit new to using MIDI, there’s still a lot for me to learn, but I thought to reach out and ask some experts here if I’m headed in the right direction.

I have a Boss Dr Beat (DB-90) Metronome that has MIDI IN and I would like Ardour to tell it to start and stop when I begin tracking. The primary reason is a nice, loud external isolated metronome monitor other than the standard output device which may have other monitors or sounds going on.

I purchased a Roland UM-ONE mk2 but can’t quite figure out if this functionality is possible from Ardour… I’ve clicked quite a few buttons in my Ardour 6.9.1 (Arch x64, pulseaudio either raw or sequenced ALSA midi) and I don’t see anything happening on the external device (DB-90).

Can anyone offer tips or questions to help me steer into a solution?
Thank you!

First use Ardour/ALSA (Menu > Window > Audio MIDI Setup), because Pulseaudio does not support MIDI.

According to the User-manual the Dr.Beat support MIDI Clock (Start, Continue, Timing Clock, Stop) messages.

So in Ardour enable the MIDI Beat Clock generator. Edit > Preferences > Transport > Generate > Enable Mclk generator

Next Connect its output… Menu > WIndow > MIDI Connection Manager

Connect Ardour/Misc > Sync > MIDI Clock out to the MIDI port that feeds Dr Beat,

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Ah yes, I did mean alsa. I tried pulseaudio first, but did notice this and typed the wrong thing.

No worries about that, though, it’s alive :zombie: !!

Thank you so much! This is exactly what I wanted!

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