Synchronization : bad behaviour in slave mode


I did not find any question about a problem I met with synchronization in the latest version of Ardour. It has a very strange and bad behaviour when it is in slave mode. No matter the Master (included another Ardour), and no matter the machine. This problem did not exist until the 2.8.6, and I saw it since the 2.8.12 version. Via MTC and Jack, when the Master starts, “Slave Ardour” starts but records patterns on all tracks, and the Synchro Time is false. So, since 2.8.12, not resolved on 2.8.14, no matter the machine and the OS (Mandriva, Ubuntu, Linux Mint…)

Excuse my bad english, I hope I’ m easy to understand.

I tried with 2 different USB interface on first machine, an old Joystick-midi interface on the other.

I didn’t yet try 64 bits environment.

I could not try Beta versions, maybe, this problem is not here anymore

An idea ?