sync with midi-clock


i am using ardour for a long time now and it is still getting better with every release. thanks for that great programm!

but i still have problems to sync my external midi-hardware. mtc and midi-clock do not work at all and mmc does only work with ardour as slave (but without midi-clock, which doesn t make sense).

is there somewhere a howto for midi-sync? or can anyone here explain me, what to do? i did already try every options-setting, that seemed to be possible…

thanks for help!

MIDI clock is only related to musical time. it is not usable as a sync source in ardour because ardour wants to sync to absolute time (e.g. audio frames, video frames, minutes:seconds etc). MIDI Timecode (MTC) provides absolute time (based on a video frame clock).

thanks for the answer. now i know, that i didn’t do wrong…

but what a pity. i do loop-based electronic music. i wanted to sync my groovebox (korg electribe sx) with ardour. the electribe does not handle mtc - only mmc an midi-clock (like many other machines). for me it would be great to be able to have midi-clock. i’m not a programmer, but wouldn’t it be possible to integrate midi-clock (based on mtc)? if it is easy possible, i do not see any disadvantages for the people, who do not need it.

is there any chance, that this will happen?

thanks and greetings l.chaos

Hi, I’m using a Roland VS1880 HD recorder at the moment and features several sync methods including MTC and midi-clock. Because MTC is superior it does not mean midi-clock should not be featured. Actually, I’m quite fond of some retro gear that only works with midi-clock and these would be obsolete as an Ardour companion. I reckon Ardour should include this feature. Furthermore, a tempo map facility would also be nice, so as to slow down music in certain sections. I haven’t noticed a tempo map facility in either Ardour or Hydrogen, this would be a cool thing to have.

hello again,

because nobody replied to the question of integrating midi-clock, i’ll say some more words to it:
at the moment, my problem is syncing the sequencer of my electribe (electribe sx - so an up to date equipment), which can’t communicate via mtc. almost everybody with older equipment will have this problem and can’t use ardour!
but this isn’t all. the next problem is syncing an external appegeator, syncing an lfo of an external synthesizer or sampler and syncing other equipment (like a beat-syncron delay or something like that). all this equipment does not provide mtc, they all use only midi-clock!

so out of my point of view, it is absolut necessarly to provide midi-clock in ardour to be accepted as professional software!

and it shouldn’t be a big deal: midi-clock gives 24 signals per quarternote, so it could easily been taken out of smtp or mtc. i’m not a programmer, so perhaps i’m wrong - please comment this out of a programmers view.

to say it again: it would be nice, if you would integrate midi-clock or tell me, that it is not so easy to do (and why).

thanks a lot and greetings

I am having the same problem. I have an Ensoniq ASR-10 and would like to set it as slave to Ardour, but unable too. I can get Ardour to sync with my board as slave only.

I’m also in loop based music, running several hardware boxes synced by midi-clock. I to would like a solution that allows me to integrate Ardour into my setup.

I think he’s saying it won’t be done. There are programs and hardware devices that will convert to or from the newer timing signals, try a search such as this

“midi clock” mtc converter


and thaks for all the replys.

i do not know a mtc to midi-clock converter. not as soft- and not as hardware. can you tell me the name of one - then i’ll try.

not that it is important, but to make it correct: as far as i know, midi-clock is not older than mtc. perhaps i am wrong with that…
and as i said before: my electribe sx came out about 4 years ago and every year new (professional) equipment (like midi-synced delays or midi-synced-lfos of synthesizers) comes to the market, that do only have midi-clock.

so its not only a problem for old equipment!

and i’m still hoping :wink:

(and if it won’t happen for ardour audio - will it happen, when ardour gets midi?)


hi mac os
i have the same problem to sync reason with ardour but… it can be posible¡¡¡¡¡¡, on the old manual guide says that ardour can be an slave and you can send midi clock to the mtc clock or time( you should read it…about sync) from other program or device to sync

so you can try using a th3 sofware or devive to sync your ardour and the midi device(you must have to use jack to get audio from device)
this is the only solution
if you dont found about it on the manual look at in the forums here for this solution
but its possible only in this way
or spend money buying Q lab that can be a master clock either midi or mtc

i have not tried this solution but if you or some one else try it tell me what strage fucking thing happen