sync video to ardour w/ 1 hour offset -->xjadeo

hi there,

I have one issue with video syncing:

usually when i work on a movie or broadcast project, I get .aaf sessions I import and then syncing the image via xjadeo, and it just works perfect.
But It it kind of a standard in broadcast to start with a timecode of one hour (or 10 hours, people do it different?!) and then syncing the video I move the whole session to zero … Is there a way to start xjadeo at 1 hour or something like that? maybe something in the jack setup i can tweak? Any help is very much appreaciated!! :slight_smile:

tbhis has all been fully addressed in ardour 3. it will not work correctly in ardour 2 even though some provision does exist for it there.

ok good to know, thanks paul, I ll find a workaround.

@ seablade that would be fantastic, thanks! Without that i m always messing up my sessions…

Actually yes this is very possible as you can set a config file for Jadeo, or you can communicate with the Jadeo server and send a commend to set the offset. I talked someone through the former of this recently, if you need to I can try to find my notes and pass along the config option.



Wait wasn’t it you I was helping with this on IRC? I have to wait to get back in my office to check the logs. In the meantime I actually still have what I believe to be the correct file for something similar on my machine, so without further ado…

Thomass-MacBook-Pro:~ seablade$ cat .xjadeorc FILEFPS=23.976 SMPTEOFFSET=-86400

no i wasnt on the IRC for a while… maybe long time ago, my thoughts are usually around that problems :wink:

thanks for that! I ll try it and let you know if it works…