sync to external MIDI clock in ardour 3 gone?

Hi All

I tested ardour 3 along time ago when it was still very unstable and after using it for a week went to update then it broke… I didn’t come back to it until now as it seems to be in beta.

Now it seems to compile okay but I can’t work out how to sync to an external MIDI clock.

This was a feature that was available in earlier versions and I even paid bounties to fix some of the working of it… Now I can’t seem to find it as an option anywhere… the sync “button” only seems to have JACK and Internal as options…

Has it gone or have I missed something?



@allank: the choice of sync source is now in the preferences dialog; the GUI control on the transport bar just turns sync on or off. this allows you to just click the button to go into sync or out of it, rather than selecting which sync source you want from a menu.

Thanks Paul,

Found it. Actually this is much nicer than the previous method… It’s not likely someone will be swapping between sync types in one session .

Unfortunately when I try and map a device to the control port the program aborts… It also does so when connecting a device to a newly created system port.

Will check bugzilla tomorrow night… I’m hoping this is already reported.



@allank its not already reported. there are very few bugs reported for 3.0; many that are reported are fixed without the bug report even being noticed.

@paul… I noticed. I did an svn update and recompiled with debug options to try and help, the problem was gone only 3 versions up…