Sync sound output with track waveform

I’m running Ardour 5.11 in Ubuntu Studio 16.04 on a 2010 Mac Pro desktop and also in OSX Sierra on a 2011 iMac. In neither case is the sound I hear through speakers or headphones in sync with the waveform on the track. It lags about 1 second in Ubuntu and leads by about 1 second in OSX. How can I sync the sound output with the waveform?

Figure out what is causing that much lag. What are your buffer settings set to?


They are set to the Ardour defaults for small band: 5 seconds. Will calibration of the latency (which I did not do yet) help?

Wrong buffer settings, the buffer settings of your audio device. Check under Window>Audio/MIDI settings IIRC


Thanks seablade for all your help. I got it working.