sync midi with ardour ?

Now that I’ve got Ardour working I need figure out how to get my midi working & if its possible to run a seperate midi program in sync with Ardour.
I didn’t realize Adour doesn’t do midi sequencing so I’m hoping there is a way to run it with a midi program where midi & audio can play in sync.
If so can anyone recommend a specific midi program that works well together.

Try syncing Freebirth with Ardour via the Jack transport. It might take some configuration, but it is definitely possible…right?

I’ve been messing with Rosegarden & I think I’ve got it now.
I just set the timing master of Ardour & Rosegarden to sync with Jack & thats it.
Which ever program starts the other one follows in sync.
I’ve only tried 2 audio tracks & 1 midi so far but it works great.
I can record my external synth as audio back into Ardour & it syncs fine.
Just what I was hoping to do.

as you already found out, rosegarden does work in sync with ardour via jack-transport. seq24 and muse are also nice programs that work with ardour and jack-transport. for drumsequencing hydrogen is also a good choice, which can be synced via jack-transport. links to other apps, that can be synced via jack, you can find on the jack-homepage.

so you have a big choice for (software-)midi sequencing when working with ardour. only syncing external midi-equipment to ardour is not possible in most cases, because ardour has no midi-clock (and i still do not know why)…