Sync Hydrogen with multi song session

This is probably more of a hydrogen question - but here goes:
I can sync hydrogen and ardour just fine when I have a single song session (at the start of the ardour session).
However - I also have multi song sessions in ardour, and I would like to sync a hydrogen project to a song that starts in the middle of an ardour session. In my case, the song starts on bar 371. So I would like to tell my hydrogen project that it “starts” on bar 371 in hope that it will align with the regions in Ardour.

Does that make sense?

Anyone know if (how) this can be done?


[The use case is - a single Ardour session with 3 songs, different tempos, meters, what ever.
3 different Hydrogen Projects - one for each song.
The first one is easy - they sync together because they both start a bar 0.
I can not use one giant Hydrogen project because it gets too complicated with all of the patterns for all of the songs in one file. Hence different Hydrogen projects for each song.

but how to sync them with an arbitrary “number of bars” offset… or define multiple “zero times” in Ardour.

Hi @lhm100. Some dirty work this is but it is achievable.

Audio files can be on one or many tracks. Since tempo automation is not available in ardour yet so this video will help you set the tempo changes for whole setup.

I also found the playlist feature in hydrogen which let you run scripts but have not explored it yet. Maybe that could help solve this situation drastically.

If there is another much simpler way, please write it here. It will help everyone :slight_smile:

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