Sympathy For The Devil - Rolling Stones Cover

Hi all,

here is my keyboard based cover of a Rolling Stones classic.

Sympathy For The Devil (cover)

In the solo I wanted to sound devilish. I used a synthesizer sound that is modulated extremely and one organ sound (Korg BX3) with only few high-pitched drawbars to emulate a piccolo flute. The reason: the piccolo is often used to depict the devil or sorcerer, because it is said to have evolved from flutes carved from small hollow (possibly human) bones.

To get the unreal sound into the devilish laughter, I used heavily delayed reverb, louder than the original sound.

The SF3 rotary effect is fantastic!

That was outstanding. What software did you use to get the green screen overlay of your head on the background video?


That was a plugin of the KDE NonLinearVideEditor kdenlive, named colorkey. The background was the darkness of the windows behind me at night. Therefore my mouth and sometimes my eyes seem transparent. In this case this does not bother me at all. It makes the image even more surreal, as intended.