Switching VST plugin profile

Good day

There is a need to switch previously created VST plugin presets. After reading the article:

I still haven’t figured out how to change a preset using hotkeys, or better yet, using a MIDI control device. Thanks for any hint on this matter

There are no keyboard shortcuts for plugin presets, but control surfaces that support plugins (e.g. Faderport8, OSC) also allow to recall presets.

Thank you for your answer, I was hoping that there was an option to switch from the footswitch. This is extremely important for a guitarist. The Line 6 Modern guitar plugin also does not have the ability to scroll through presets, and the last hope was the ability to assign midi to this area.

That’s mostly a function of the plugin. Ardour has no idea about the existence or special semantics of messages from a footswitch.

You could create a MIDI binding map that linked the footswitch message(s) to some plugin related stuff, but I’m not sure you could switch presets and you certainly could not scroll through them.

I thank you for your attention to this issue.
Ardor has the ability to assign MIDI events to various functions such as record control button faders and many more different MIDI control capabilities via Generic MIDI.
I agree with you that switching, for example, cabinets or amplifiers is the task of the plugin and not the DAW. It’s just that in several plugins this is either crookedly implemented or there is no such feature. Switching presets specifically in the Ardour DAW completely eliminates this problem, since the plugin can be finely tuned and the preset can be saved not in the plugin itself, but in the DAW. I hoped that at least the transition to the next preset was implemented using hot keys.
Then it would be possible to assign a midi event in LInux to trigger the desired key combination and the preset would switch.
Sorry for the stream of thoughts.