Switching between JACK/pulseaudio messes up all my routing?

Running Ardour 6.7.0 on AVL-MXE 64-bit. I occasionally end up switching between using JACK (via qjackctl) vs. ALSA as audio systems (in the Audio/MIDI Setup tab) in an Ardour project because JACK sometimes gives me problems. But quite often the result is that all my track routing gets messed up: suddenly the Master out is not connected to my system outputs, nor are any of my tracks connected to the Master in anymore. When just the Master routing is changed, that’s an easy fix, but it’s quite annoying to have to reroute all my tracks one-by-one every time. Any ideas why it happens?

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Ah, I see. I’ve not generally used the Ardour bug tracker — once an issue like this has been reported, should others experiencing the same/similar issues also post notes on the existing bug report? Or is the initial report sufficient?

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