Switched from Cubase -- Track archiving?

Hey all!

Hope you’re doing well. I just switched from Cubase and am wondering if there is a way to do track exporting and track archiving.

I’ve looked through a bit of the manual and have noticed that some of this is supported. You’re able to export the full audio from a track, etc; however, I haven’t seen the capability to export, say, an “instrument” track equipped with automation and effects yet.

Any help with this would be great.

Thanks a bunch!

Hope you have a good rest of your day :).

you can make stems, is that what you re looking for? in the export menu you also find the option to “apply track / bus processing”

but saying that: stem export works for audio tracks, not for instrument tracks yet. these need to be exported one by one …

Hey hey, thanks for the reply :).

No, I’m not looking for stems…more instrument tracks like you said in your second post. Is there a good resource I could use to figure out how to do that? I’m still getting my feet wet with Ardour but I don’t think that’s included in the starter section or in any section of the manual that I could find.

(Idk why in preview it posted that twice…).

Thanks :).

Still not clear what it is you want to do? Are you trying to create track templates, which would store the track configuration (including the instrument plugin and settings)? Or are you trying to some store both the track configuration AND data in the track? Or just the data in the track?