Switch back to stereo panner

(Daniele1971) #1

HI guys, on my master track I have a panner with 3 speaker. I don’t know why, maybe a leftover from Lufs meters plugins (multiband) that I’ve removed. Now I have to bypass the panner to ear sounds and Ardour segfaut on export (Alt+E).
How do I switch back to stereo panner ? I found few old thread about the same issue but the answers do not help me. Looking at the output of the master track, I don’t see strange/unwanted connections :frowning:


(Luis Finotti) #2

See revert to stereo panner

(Daniele1971) #3

As I wrote, I found old thread about the issue (your and another) but the solution is still unclear to me. For the master output, I’ve only 2 ports connected to system_playback1 e system_playback2. I don’t see unwanted ports…
What should I remove exactly ?

(Luis Finotti) #4

Right click on the output button below the panner. (My says “Monitor”.) A window should pop up. On the top side you will see the outputs of the Master bus. If it is not stereo, it should be more than just 1 and 2 on top. Right click on the number (3, 4, etc.) you want to remove. Click/rover over “Master out” and then “Remove [number]” from the pop up menu. Repeat until you are left only with 1 and 2.

If this is not working, maybe you should post pictures of what you see… But I hope this helps.

(Daniele1971) #5

Yeah, already fixed last night !
I was confused by the fact that the panner showed three speakers. I was expecting an extra port / connection, not 24 ! :blush: