Swissonic interface problems

Has anyone managed to get the Swissonic Audio 1 working with Ardour? I’ve tried 6.9 and 7.2, both Linux and Windows, two different laptops. No problems with Focusrite or Behringer.

That is a USB class compliant device (you can tell because it requires no drivers for use with MacOS).
That means you need to install the Swissonic driver for Windows use, but it will just work with Linux.

When connected to your Linux machine check the output of the commands “aplay -l” and “arecord -l” which will show you the list of ALSA playback capable and record capable devices current detected. That will verify that the device is detected and running.

After that it really should behave no differently than your Focusrite device.

Thanks for this Chris. On Ubuntu, Ardour sometimes detects the Swissonic, sometimes not. Even if I manage to record something, on the next occasion I can’t get back in. And in any event the playback is almost inaudible.

As far as Windows goes, I’ve loaded the Swissonic driver, but the results are even crazier than with Ubuntu.

I’ll give it one more try. It may be that this is just a faulty device. But I think I’ll probably just stick with Focusrite. It’s a pity, though, because the Swissonic has good specs, nice hardware, and an excellent price.


Hi catopede ! I’m guessing you’re using a USB cable to your PC ? What is the lenght of this cable ?
Your issue is probably not related but I’ve had the same symptoms you described in the past using a 3m usb cable. I know, not my best idea.
Did you solve your issue ? I’m also quite interested by this card.

Hi Mediaklan, I’m afraid I gave up and returned the Swissonic to the dealer for a refund. Yes, it was a USB cable, but I don’t think it was that, since I’ve subsequently been using the same cable with a Behringer UMC without problems.
It’s a pity, since the Swissonic has good specs for the price!

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