Swing doesn't do anything

I’m trying to apply swing to a HiHat. The notes are 32nds, 4 per measure. I want to move the 2nd notes by a few ticks. When I try to apply swing nothing happens. In fact nothing happens regardless of the settings I use. I’ve tried many combos of thresholds, snap on/off, strengths and the notes don’t budge.

Normal Q seems to work work as expected, just not swing.

What am I missing?


What version of Ardour?

Ardour 6.2.0
“Thursday Afternoon”
(rev 6.2)
Intel 64-bit

On Linux

2ways of swing:

  1. select the midi region > Alt+5 > set the “Snap note start” > set the “Swing”
  2. insert the Step sequencer by Robin Gareus before the hh-plugin > set the “Step” > set the “Swing”

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Also make sure that no notes inside the region are selected. If so that individual note selection overrides region selection.

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I see what my problem was. You need to select the note sub division. If you leave snap set to Main Grid, it doesn’t work. Once I set it to 1/16 note, swing worked as anticipated. I don’t think the manual makes it clear that it can’t be set on Main Grid.


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