SWH plugins in Ardour 5?

Sorry if this is a rehash of an old topic.

Just upgraded from Ardour 3 to 5.5 following an OS crash. I do not seem to have the SWH plugins anymore. I am specifically sad to not have the Fast Lookahead Limiter. I have cleared the caches and blacklist and re-scanned, downloaded 64bit and 32bit, but I do not seem to have them.

Is there a way to re-install them? I am on a 2012 Mac Mini running the latest version of Sierra.

Ardour3… never came with these plugins; most OSX users got them from Audacity (or maybe Ardour2, back in the day) and in both cases they were 32bit only.
A universal build (32, 64bit intel + PPC) can be found here: http://robin.linuxaudio.org/tmp/swh-plugins-osx-universal-0.4.15+gita12ba80d.zip

OK, that’s what I was getting from the posts I could find, thank you for confirming.

I used to be on Linux PCs, had to move to a Mac 2 years ago, so my knowledge is rusty or inapplicable now…is there a tutorial somewhere on how to install these?

Thank you again for your help.

OH, I found this thread


where you may have already answered my question. Thanks again!