SWH-LV2 for Windows?


I’m working on matching some cross-platform setups for Ardour on Linux and Windows, so far it’s going pretty well but I terribly miss ‘Barry’s Satan Maximizer’ from the SWH Plugins set in the Windows installs, is there any way to get the SWH-LV2 set on Windows, has anyone cross compiled binaries?

While I cannot help you with a Windows native version…

Save the following file as barry.lua to your config folder %localappdata%\Ardour7\scripts\ and then re-index Lua scripts (or restart Ardour). You will find the “Beelzebub Maximizer” which is a drop-in replacement.


One downside is that the DSP load is higher compared to the C version.

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Well look at that!!


That’s awesome, thanks so much!! :hugs:

As a bonus on Linux I now don’t need the other SWH Plugins that I don’t use anyway!

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