Sweet Baby James

Hello Ardour users.
A cover of this cool James Taylor’s song.
I realised I pushed it far laidback, but it seems to be the way I feel it.
Thanks for listening.


Very nice Olivier ! Well done !

Hey Vincent,
Thanks a lot for posting.
By the way,I realise I forgot to mention that, as usually, everything was made with Ardour except at the end, Mixbus for mixing.

Very well done, sounds great.
Do you mind sharing how you did this, some secrets?

Hi Jean,
Thanks a lot for your cool post.
Well,I am sorry, but I have no « secrets ».
Just started to play the song, and then followed the «normal » process, drums first, then overdubbed the other parts.
On this one though, I spent some times trying to « speak » clearly, because, as one can hear, I am not native english.
Trying to say the words while driving the car maybe, and once I felt I could sing, I tried to deliver my « reading » of this song I do like.

In November i go to a concert from James in Antwerp Belgium. Hopefully he sings this song.
Anyway your version sounds very professional, and no, i can’t hear you are not native english. You have a warm voice, and the instruments sound beautiful together, again well done.

Lucky man!!!
I missed him in Paris