Swedish tune, recorded with Ardour 3, alpha 9

Been away from Ardour for a year or more but will return when version 3 is officially out. Couldn’t wait to try out the alpha though and put this together in a few hours. I’m impressed with the software so far and here is the song I recorded, one of my early songs (written 1994):


I use LV2 plugins from linux DSP and recommend every Ardour user to buy them. (The VC2B Vintage compressor is a must have imo.) I put some mastering effects on the master bus: linux DSP’s multiband compressor and Steve Harris Hard Limiter. On the solo guitar I used Guitarix.

nice music dick, well done ! I like it a lot

yours Prof Knaakenbroed


Thanx a lot! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your great music! I will get the same plugins now. Thank you for the info.

The plugins not mentioned I used on this recording is VC2B", “GR-EQ”, “SR-2B” (reverb) and “MBC2” (multiband compressor).