Swap EQs at various points in track

Just looking for a quick bit of advice on this if anyone can help.
I have a recording of a live gig. Its multitrack 9 tracks. But the thing is almost 2hrs long.
Its recorded from directs, pre-eq, pre-fader etc, basically the raw inputs.

Now… some of the musicians used different instruments during the show. The signals were sent down the same channel. The FOH was using different EQ’s etc to allow this to happen.

But now I have the raw tracks and I seem to have hit a wall of how to do this.
I guess I could split it all into separate songs and mix each song separately then stitch it all back together but that seems a lot of work etc.

Is there a way of telling ardour to use EQx for this part of a track then EQy for another part ?
Is that a possible thing.

Or… is there another way ?

Thanks in advance.

Split the track. Just because you recorded it on one track, doesn’t mean it has to stay on one track. Put the different instruments on their own tracks and EQ the tracks appropriately.


Thanks Seablade
That makes sense.

You can of course put multiple EQs on the track and activate/deactivate them using automation.
But I think the proper way would still be to do as @seablade suggests …

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