Swap channels/reverse stereo

Hi All, I’ve searched here and elsewhere and though the topic has been mentioned I cannot find an elegant simple solution to the problem:

How do I swap the channels in a stereo track, in Mixbus 2, without having to split the tracks to mono? Most DAWS have a simple way to do this - I’m searching through plugins in Mixbus to find one that has a swap channel function…


i think there is not such function in mixbus. but it could be usefull to have it, anyway.

for now, the simpliest way to do this is to manually redirect the tracks outputs to the master bus. like track-out-L to master in-R and track-out-R to master-in-L.
but that would be just a dirty workaround, a feature to switch channels would be much more better.


well, i am just realizing that this is not working like in a2, so the only way is to route the track to a stereo (mix)bus and to revert the panorama there.



if you are on OSX, try the free plugin “STTool” from FLUX, it’s great.

On Linux and OSX, there are also some simple, free LADSPA plugins that will do this for you. Don’t have the names handy right now, sorry.


Hi Ben - have just downloaded Flux plugin - thanks, will save me buying the PSP one!

Don’t know about anyone else but I find a stereo reverse tool pretty essential - I know of several engineers who have sent me mix files where the drum overheads have been recorded to a stereo pair, but orientated from the drummers perspective (daft in my eyes but hey…) and therefore need turning around. A simple swap channel button or plugin would be a great help, but I guess not a vote winning feature!


Coming late to this with the same problem and found the proper solution. You don’t need a plug in to do this. I solved it by reversing the connections in the output panel of the track. Click '“outputs…” to open the patchbay for the track outputs, and set the green dots for track left and right to go to the right and left master bus.