Any chance that there will be a future move from Subversion to GIT? I know this may be more of a
religious question. But I just want to hear some

no, there’s no chance of that.

one of ardour’s developers already uses either GIT or a GIT-alike that is layered on top of SVN to provide for a different style of work/commit. he might mention its name here, or he might not.

we have way, way too much to do to grapple with yet another SCM system, even if it offers some attractive features.

Supposedly some people find SVN’s style of managing branches so much a pain, that they will check out a copy from SVN to import into GIT, work with branches in GIT, and then pull it back into SVN.

Never used it myself, but Linus’s talk about it is very interesting. (I find opinionated engineer types interesting)

It might be something to consider in long term, because it makes keeping track of experimental branches or things like GSOC, and then pulling from them into the main development branch a breeze… at least according to Linus.

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