SVN Revision 10k Approaching

Sometime in the next 12-36 hours, its very likely that Ardour will see the 10,000th commit to the SVN repository. That’s 10 thousand changes to the source code and build systems that make up Ardour2, Ardour3 and Mixbus. I’m not sure how to celebrate this, so if you have any ideas, post them here.

Sticklers for detail will want to know that there were 1352 commits to the CVS repository on sourceforge that preceded’s SVN repository. So strictly speaking the upcoming milestone has already been passed. But don’t spoil our fun!

Yeah, looking forward to reaching this number for a while now :slight_smile:

I know you’d like something creative, but what about an alpha10_10000 built? Would look so awesome! And we the users could try really hard to really reach the goal this month.


How about 500 Ardour/Mixbus users worldwide make an ‘above and beyond’ or perhaps a first time donation of $20.00USD (or equivalent). I’ll put my money where my mouth is and start. Surely there must be 500 users worldwide with the means to make this happen??

I’m clicking the paypal button right now…I welcome 499 of the rest of you to join me!

good idea, Glen, picked it up and … joined it RIGHT NOW ! Let’s carry on, friends !

Yours Prof Knaakenbroed


Given the recent $/€ aequivalent it was the price of a regular CD/LP and since Ardour enables me, to produce any album I´d like to hear myself, it is a bargain indeed :wink:

Great idea Gmaq.
I’m in for $25 … 496 to go :slight_smile:

Make it 495. :slight_smile:

Excellent notion, G !

$25 extra > Done…
Only 494 to go :slight_smile:
Let’s keep it up!

And another one, thats 493 to go:)

Congrats! You should treat yourself to a big cake in the shape of the Ardour logo!

492 to go, great idea.

thanks again to Paul and the developers/testers/etc.

i also propose local Ardour 3 release parties, especially if there is a developer nearby to thank. i can help with the one in Philadelphia, PA, USA.

 $25   us     488 more users to go.  , dont own mixbus yet , ive tried it and like it , but  im fine with just ardour , hydrogen, and specimen for now.   thx todd

ok, i’m in. 491 to go…


I’ve never used Ardour, but as musican and linux user I like to watch the progress of this essential application (I plan to use it, as soon as I will have the time to tinker with recording :slight_smile: ). So 25$ on the way. Looks like this bunch of guys did great job. Looking forward to using it!

Ah frak it :smiley: Despite I’m already a subscriber and short of money this month, I’m in and say: 489 to go!