svn (3.x) WAF or SCONS. which is better supported.

Hi All

I’m under the impression that WAF is now being more widely used and is more supported than SCONS as the preferred method for building svn 3.x versions of ardour.

Confirmation would be useful, especially for packaging of source based distros (such as Gentoo…)



We are definitely moving towards waf, but currently the build scripts for waf do not accomplish 100% of the build. So for now you need to use scons, which may break occasionally, and then optionally switch to waf. Stuff like this will change from day to day with no warning - 3.0 is for developers at present.

Thanks Paul,

I’ll keep this in mind then. I use 2.8 for production. I do however try to test 3.0 as regularly as I can to try and provide feedback, especially for the MIDI features as I run a pretty complex MIDI setup.

(Although, I have actually released 1 track with an earlier version of 3.0 as Proof of Concept for the MIDI clock sync).



GIT as well?
I spotted .gitignore in the 3.0 tree. Is ardour moving to the new hotness of git, too?

Some developers utilize git. Likewise I use bzr. Both of them can be very useful even when the central repository is SVN. That is why you see the .gitignore etc.