SurgeXT, sequencer problem

Hi all,

in Surge XT, if I open the instrument “Sequences-Octave arp”, and right-click on the SEQ1 key at the bottom, this panel opens with the settable value of the range in semitones:

Now, if I restart SurgeXT using the initial default instrument, the same panel is without the entry: “Targets pitch 144 semitones”:

What is the way to insert this settable range ?


If you initialize the patch, the routing is deleted and Sequencer 1 doesn’t know what it should sequence.

You have to assign a target to Sequencer 1, in this case the pitch. To do this, click on “Sequencer 1” to enter routing mode - the colors of the knobs should change. Click on “Pitch” and drag the value until it’s set to e.g. 12 semitones. Then click again on “Sequencer 1” to leave routing mode.

see also the surge manual for details

Thank you.
I’ve seen that by right clicking on “Pitch” there is also the “Extend Range” option, so I can extend the range to 144 semitones.
It’s fantastic.


The SurgeXT Step sequencer, if I understand correctly, has a maximum of 16 steps.
I’m trying to figure out if it’s possible to set the velocity of each single step, with the possibility of setting it to zero in some steps, in order to create notes and rests rhythms.
Is it possible to do this?

Thank you,

I don’t know if I understood correctly, but there’s a small row at the top of the step sequencer which triggers the amp and filter envelope (both, none or just one of them). Maybe that’s what you’re after :slight_smile:

You could also try to use one step sequencer for pitch and a second step sequencer (set to unipolar) for modulating the scene volume, but that won’t work in every patch…


I give a simple example.
I’d like to get the equivalent to this I wrote by hand in a midi track:


contains notes and rests, it should sound like this:


It’s 12 steps. Step numbers 2,4,7,9 are rests.
I haven’t been able to get those rests yet, but I’ll try again with the method you explained above.
Thank you.


I’m not allowed to upload the patch here, but it looks like this

I got the rests by setting the amp envelope sustain to zero and apply a short decay

Yes, it works.
In Amp EG: Sustain to zero and Decay adjusted just enough to not start to hear hidden notes. It’s all clear.
Thank you.


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