Supermarionation Demos


Thought I’d post some tracks I recorded with my band using Ardour:

Recorded using Ubuntu Studio and an M-Audio Delta 1010LT. Guitars using a Boss GT-8 via S/PDIF, bass using line out from a small combo, drums direct from a Roland TD-3 (I think) and vox using a Sure SM58 and bog roll pop shield.

Recorded and mixed in Ardour and mastered (sort of) using Jamin.

All postivie/negative feedback welcome…


most of the tracks sound pretty good. The drums, bass, and guitars sit well in the mix, but the vox just doesn’t sit well with everything else on must tunes. As far as a listening environment, I played back your tracks with a set of KRK Rokits G2 monitors (no sub), AKG K240 cans and Sony MDR-7507 cans. I got the same impression across all of the playback sources. What plugins/speakers/headphones were you using to mix and kinda master?

Hi, thanks for the response.

I mixed/mastered using a hi-fi amp and speakers and a pair of iGrado headphones - pretty primitive I think. On the plugins front, on most of the vocal tracks I just used the INVADA Mono Compressor to try and even out the levels and add a bit of punch. One exception was The Ashes of Love where I put the vox through a tube amp model after compression. I ran all tracks (via a post fader send) through the following using a bus for each effect and then mixing back in:

Calf Reverb set to 0.75s decay with 10ms predelay.
Calf Reverb set to 2s decay with 50ms predelay
Feedback delay set to 50ms and zero feedback
Feedback delay set with 0.25 feedback timed roughly with the tempo.

I didn’t do much in the way of EQ either on the vocal or at the mastering stage.

You said the vox didn’t sit well on most tunes, which one was it best on?

Thanks again