SuperDuck, made with MusE, ZynAddSubFX, and Ardour cvs nightly tarball

This is a moderately experimental electronic piece exploring percussive melody rather than drum loops. Something I’ve not really done before. Also my first foray into the realms outside of 4/4 time, being 7/8 time.

It was programmed in MusE, except for the closing sequence which was just me improvising on a keyboard and recorded in Ardour. All the sounds I’ve created in Zyn - strictly no presets is my mantra.

just passing time while Ardour2 final is compiling… your duck is superb! I’m not one for the electronic sounds normally, but this music is very interesting.
Thank you for an enjoyable 3:50 min. I’ll definitely save this track in my MP3 collection!

Cheers Seb!
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but i’m not promising anything.