Sunvox as a multi instrument via JACK

(cooltehno) #1

Here’s some result screncasting of using Sunvox as a multi-instrument through JACK. Ardour is presented as a midi sequencer and final mastering processor (with Calf).

Making techno cutted video:

Making techno full video:

Additional videos:

Sunvox preparation: - to build a kick drum metamodule - to build the other metamodules from the kick’s metamodule (as a template) - to build a drum machine from the metamodules - to setup the controllers for drum machine - to setup the technoset for ardour - JACK setup for ardour (important for right routing!)

Ardour preparation: - routing template and session folder organization

Good luck for everybody!

(cooltehno) #2

A little ( :slight_smile: ) summary about Ardour’s routing with JACK (the quickest way):

  1. Run an application, which can’t remember JACK connections (as an example: Sunvox)
  2. Run a routing application (Catia)
  3. Disconnect all the connections for the application, which can’t remember JACK connections (Sunvox)*.
  4. Run Ardour.
  5. Make the connections between Ardour and application (Sunvox)
  6. Make an additional folder in the Ardour’s session folder (for axample “sv”)
  7. Save an application’s (Sunvox’s) project file in to that additional folder
  8. Save an Ardour’s session (in this step Ardour saves all the JACK’s connections)
  • now your session’s and file’s arrangements are done.

To reuse the session in a quickest way:

  1. Close the Ardour’s session first
  2. Close the application’s (Sunvox’s) project second
    When the next time you’re opening your session:
  3. Run an application’s (Sunvox’s) file FIRST
  4. Disconnect all the connections for the application (Sunvox) in the routing application (Catia)*.
  5. Run an Ardour’s session file SECOND
  • and now Ardour restores all the JACK connections perfectly!

All the steps are looking complicated, but in practice - this way is quick (on my view :))

    • these points are good for deleting unnecessary connections, which an application (in our case Sunvox :)) makes by default during booting

Any advices in this field – are wellcome! Thanks!