Summer of Code: 2006

Ardour has been accepted into Google’s Summer of Code: 2006 project. If you are interested in being a part of SoC2006, please read the ideas below, check out the roadmap and then visit the SoC student page.


MIDI and/or OSC tracks
For SoC2006, we envisage a functional backend accompanied by a very minimal GUI (tracks with empty rectangles representing MIDI/OSC regions). We would like to see a common framework for sequencing any timestamped byte-oriented message format.
Video tracks using libxine
The framework for visual tracks exists, but currently is fed by a custom external application that feeds RGB data through a pipe.
serializable undo/redo history
Hard. Will require very deep understanding of Ardour's internal code design.
MackieControl support
we have the specification and the framework, you need a control surface (e.g. the BCF2000) and the motivation.
n.m panning (e.g 5.1, 7.1, 10.2, maybe arbitrary)
We have pseudo-modular panner support, but only an arbitary 2D panner at present. A more standard specialized panner for these popular home theater layouts would be very useful.
AudioUnit support.
Applicants will need some prior exposure to audio plugin APIs, and should be at least somewhat familiar with run-time library loading on OS X.
Playing with Cairo
Port the existing canvas infrastructure to a Cairo canvas, and implement ardour's constrained spline curve as a native cairo. Applicants will need a solid grasp of basic graphics coding, including anti-aliasing methods.
Look at our roadmap for more ideas.

THat’s great news! Although I am very confident in Ardour’s current developers, I know that the Summer of Code-rs have made marvelous contribution to various projects.

(that and I’m really looking forward to full midi and VST support!)


Agreed. Congrats Ardour. Now to start writing the applications for you guys ;)…

That your malformed URL directs me to microsoft’s web site. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for noticing

You say you’re looking forward to VST support - have the licensing issues been discussed? I believe I could tackle VST hosting if licensing isn’t an issue.

I am looking forward to the implementations coming out of Ardour’s Summer of Code participation. I have looked at some of the previous SoC projects and I must admit it is impressive, and the completion rate is really high. Allowing Ardour to participate is a great step. Looking forward to the projects given and the results.

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