Summer of Code 2006 : Ardour awarded 3 projects

Ardour was granted support for 3 projects by Google's Summer of Code 2006 program. This summer will hopefully see the start of MIDI sequencing support, a Windows port and work on a couple of advanced but very useful capabilities.

Our awardees are:

Dave Robillard
MIDI track support
Tim Mayberry
Windows port
Hans Fugal
per-region plugins and serialized undo history

Dave is well known in the linux audio community for his modular synthesizer/processor “Om”, as well as other work on LASH and other JACK-related tools; Tim has made several important contributions to Ardour over the last several years, but this will mark a new direction for him; Hans has done several minor linux audio projects for a few years (nmidi, hearnet and others) and has been the Debian maintainer of Csound and Nyquist. We are happy to have all of them on board, if only for the summer.

The Ardour project owes Google a huge debt of thanks for their support, and we hope to see great things come of it.

Finally, it should also be mentioned that although he did not get Google SoC2006 funding, Paul Santa Clara is planning to spend his summer as an intern working on adding beat slicing to Ardour, mostly using Paul Brossier's audio library. We look forward to Paul's work too.

Wow, surprised to see that work will be started on a port to Windows. I’m sure a lot of people will be happy to know that work will at least start - good luck on that. =)

Excellent! Very happy to know we’ll see MIDI track support and per-region plugin support!

Good luck Dave and Hans.

I would like to give Paul my support. Even though he’s not being funded it’s guys like him that allow us to have such a good recording program for linux.
So Paul good luck and thankyou.

Props for the MIDI. Is per-region plugin support like what the Audio Suite is in Pro Tools?

I guessed windows support would come some time… but I am surprised to how soon… But the stability of Ardour (for the most part, if you cross your “t’s” and dot your “i’s”) …

I look forward to midi – the remaining will be interesting too!

Thanks a bunch from me to the entire development and support group!


Congratulations to the awardees! Google has been showing so much support in the growth of the
industry. They have been very active in special project like Summer of Code 2006. Events like these
encourage and provide opportunity for young minds and raw talents to come up and show the world what
they got. It gives them a glimplse of what lies ahead. Good to see Windows support as well.