Suggestions of defaults for MIDI use

Got a few small tweaks and adjustments for consideration of inclusion as defaults in A3 that I wanted to put up for discussion and thought it better done on the forum that Mantis.

RT mode enabled in A3 audio setup wizard as default. Not 100% on this one but with me having been just testing midi I’ve mainly been having to make sure this was turned off as often I’m often running on a regular kernel- like most users- but I realise that having this on is the preference. Tough one.

PANIC key - ATM the binding is CTRL+ALT+p but I don’t think we can sensibly use ESC for anything else but I’m not sure if ESC is already used but this is the key the user will logically reach for when they panic- nice not to need to refer to the manual when your speakers and ears are in danger!

There are a number of steps I perform when creating a new MIDI track under A3 and they normally occur in this order:

Turn ‘Sound Note’ on

Set Grid mode to Grid

Set grid size to bars

Enable note edit (push m)

After creating a track I always expand it so I can see the channel selector so it’d be nice if new tracks were created just big enough so this functionality is visible by default OR if there was an option to set default track size in prefs maybe?

Any comments?

A couple of things…

A3 discussion for the most part should be kept to Mantis and IRC I believe.

RT mode should ALWAYS be the default. A RT patched kernel is not needed to use rt mode, just any even moderately recent kernel(Several years now at least) and a properly set up distribution of Linux. Disabling this will severely lower stability for the purpose of recording.

I dont remember the exact reasoning for not using ESC for the panic button but I do remember it being discussed at some point.


Thanks for the response SB!

WRT RT I don’t think I actually ever did try leaving it enabled on a non-RT kernel so obviously my concerns here were both untested and invalid.

I have now filed the other suggestions on Mantis.