Suggestion: new translation / language. Industry standard

With Ardour6 the “Internationalization” option doesn’t work.

I don’t want any Swedish translations. Google translate is far better if i need something translated.

It is like some poets is seeking the most fartetched synonyms to put into the translations. It is like some translators don’t know enough english, dont understand how to use the program, never have been near any studio gear. Don’t let some poor translators ruin all your fine job.

For example, “solo” might very well translate to solo. Solo in swedish “solo” is “not being together with anybody”, solo = solo. As it is now it is translated do a word similar to “alone” or “solitaire”.

And we have “editor”. It can be translated to (guess what)… editor. And there is a lot of other translations.

I don’t want to guess what the meaning of a translation. I want industry standard words. Let us assume that i don’t understand the original, not translated term and the translation is a farfetched swedish synonym that i don’t understand the swedish meaning of. How the hell should i be able to translate it back to some industry standard term that i never heard of and when i see it i don’t understand it. It creates many levels of uncertainty.

Please make an option Industry Standard.

I know there is workarounds. One can delete /usr/share/ardour6/locale/sv/*. Make a shell script and launch ardour “export LANG=“en_GB.UTF-8 UTF-8” #no translations”.

I am a lazy fucker. I want the computer do all the houskeeping for me. Things that can be done automatically shall be done automatically.

Considering all translations are user submitted, maybe it would help if you could submit suggested changes to the translation instead. Ardour uses a fairly standard processes for internationalization of strings in the software.

You can also submit bug reports on problems you see in the issue tracker ( as well. There is a category for reports on translation issues IIRC.


If you get Swedish names then it does work.

You turn it off by going to Edit/Preferences (troligen Redigera/Inställningar) and General/Translations (kanske Generellt/Översättningar) and disabling “Use translations”

It’s when you do things automatically or using Google translate that you end up with bad translations.
Google suggested Redaktör (newspaper editor) in place of Editor and suggested Sortiment (assortments) instead of Range.

I suggest a switch. Translation on / off, assuming the programmers use industry standard.

I don’t want translations. They can make as many crazy far fetched translations they want.

There already is one. Preferences > General > Translation > Use translations

The official Ardour source code ( has very few words and phrases translated to Swedish and the few I noticed looked more or less correct from an Industry Standard point of view.

I didn’t find any translation for Solo or Editor so maybe your distro made its own sv.po file, possibly using Google Translate?

Maybe watch the language on this forum? I thought it was safe to show my young daughter :wink: I like to show her things every now and again to demonstrate what good open-source community looks like and how one person’s problems are tackled for the benefit of the many.

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This below is not from any distro or any translation app. Just some examples of how the words “solo” or “edit” might be used.

solo: Saxofonisten spelade ett ensam == The sax player played a lonesome. Change solo to lonesome. It sounds funny. Unfortunately i can’t give a far fetched and funny sounding synonym to edit.

All music gear i have, and all the music gear everyone i know have, amps, digital pianos, tape recorders, CD players is in english. It is a bit unnecessary to invent some never used words in the translatoins. I assume Ardour is a music app for musicians. Why not use a language used by musicians?

Vanligt förekommande i svenska i tal och text.
Solo: En som sjunger solo. En gitarrist spelar solo.

Edit: Man kan editera en text. t kan förekomma editioner av verk. och så finns det ord som editionsyrkande och editionsplikt.

here is how i start ardour. Unselect “use translations” doesn’t work.

1 #!/bin/bash
2 #
3 # Start ardour without translations
6 export LANG=“en_GB.UTF-8 UTF-8” #no translations
8 /usr/bin/ardour %f

Where did you get Ardour from?
Like I said; the Swedish translation in the official source doesn’t change Solo or Edit or Editor.
It only changes a few things like Fader -> Volymreglage, Slide -> Glid, input -> ingång.
Perfectly fine translations.

Did you restart Ardour after unchecking the Use Translation box?
I don’t know but maybe that box isn’t even a global setting but a per session one

It comes with Debian Bullseye (testing), It used to be Ardour5. It came as an upgrade.
Here is help -> about
Ardour 6.0.0~ds0 “The Pearl” (rev 6.0.0~ds0-1) Intel 64-bit.

Editor = Redigerare
Solo = Tysta

Yes. Perfectly fine translations. But Why?
Fader = 5 letters, Volymreglage 12 letters
compare Cø and Cm7♭5, same info, Cø less cluttered.

I prefer consistency. Same language in Ardour as with all the gear hooked up to the computer. is there any “Tysta” button on the Focusrite Pro 26 or Behringer X-Touch for example, or Volymrelage on the X-Touch?

Actually the default is en_US.UTF-8. Ardour is using US spelling (probably most of your outboard gear, too).

LANG=en_US.UTF-8 ardour

Your current version may work because it’s (1) an invalid value (extra “UTF-8” suffix) and/or (2) because the GB locate was not generated (see /etc/locale.gen).

Also if you really want a bash-script wrapper instead of Ardour’s built-in preference to disable translations, you should replace %f with "%@" (incl. the quotes), or even just edit /usr/bin/ardour (which is a shell script) and add export LANG=en_US.UTF-8 there.

See if the behavior is the same if you use the free version from this website? They can be installed in parallel, the free version will install into /opt instead of /usr (Distro version installs in /usr).


Not everyone knows how to make “industry standard” translations on their own language or even not everyone wants that. If you want to change something on the translation, first of all contact with the translator(s) and let them explain you their opinions about that translation.

If anyway you want to change it… it’s open-source! Make the translation by your own (but not only thinking of you, but on practical language-use), let other native speakers of your own language try your translations, share your translation with previous translators and, when it’s sure all is correct and comprehensible, then send the translation to Ardour developers (there are tutorials explaining how you should do that).

Translating Ardour is not an easy task, is lot of work as it has many strings. Think about that and about the work previous translators made.

Anyway, to change the language of the interface, try Edit > Preferences > General > Translations > Uncheck the box.
This might not work on distro-build versions, as they use another way to manage translations.

I see that I missed the sv.po file which actually holds the translations; the one in gtk2_ardour/po/sv.po

You mean Mute = Tysta.
Solo is left as is.

Because to translate means to take a word or phrase and replace it with the native language equivalence.

Fader is an old Swedish word for “dad”. It’s got nothing to do with mixing music.
I’d probably shorten Volymreglage to just Volym, if word space is a concern.

If you feel that certain words shouldn’t be translated, or should be translated differently, then create a tracker request.

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